Heritage Key Phase 2 Mediterranean Townhomes

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Heritage Key's Mediterranean Townhomes are built with the Outinord tunnel-form system, a method of concrete construction that produces high-ceilinged, energy-efficient homes that are sound, fire and weather resistant, and termite-proof. For more than 50 years, Outinord has been the world leader in providing technologically advanced concrete-forming systems for mid-size to large-scale residential and hotel developments.

Built with steel-reinforced poured concrete throughout, the Mediterranean Townhomes can withstand even the most rigorous tests of nature, providing peace of mind for the owner of a holiday home.

Heritage Key's residences are permitted for rentals. The spacious design of our two-story Mediterranean Townhomes (3 and 4 Bedrooms) allows them to accommodate large parties very comfortably. These Townhomes are also offered as Lockouts.

Floor Plans

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